Arc Protection Relay

Selco’s arc protection relay has a broad application and is designed for the purpose of providing over or low voltage protection to the equipment. We offer wide-assortment of protection relay- available in many versions, supply voltage, measuring currents, and functions all at cost-effective prices. Also, some of our relays are designed wholly for the use in land-based applications.

Our arc protection relays offer maximum safety and accuracy and provide proper measuring techniques and a vast number of programmable options. Ground fault relay provides protection to generators against earth faults or over current by detecting the magnitude of the current, and on exceeding the preset value, this device will be activated.

Protective Relay

The following Relays are some of the protective devices we offer:
Over Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Frequency Protection
Under Frequency Protection
Over Current Protection
Under Current Protection
Overload Protection
Reverse Power Protection
Excitation Loss Protection
Insulation Monitor
Ground Fault Protection
Phase Sequence

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