Alarm Monitor and Annunciator

Alarm Monitors and Annunciators, from 6 to 24 alarm points.

In industrial process control, Alarm Monitors and Annunciators panel is the system to alert operators of alarm conditions in the plant. Multiple back-lit windows are provided, each engraved with the name of a process alarm. Lamps in each window are controlled by hard-wired switches in the plant, arranged to operate when a process condition enters an abnormal state (such as high temperature, low pressure, loss of cooling water flow, or many others).

In one common alarm sequence, the light in a window will flash and a bell or horn will sound to attract the operator’s attention when the alarm condition is detected. The operator can silence the alarm with a button, and the window will remain lit as long as the process is in the alarm state. When the alarm clears (process condition returns to normal), the lamps in the window go out. Alarm Annunciators used for process controls.

SELCO USA, INC. introduces Alarm Annunciators with the most advanced features. By providing instant visual and audible alarms to protect valuable equipment, our Alarm Annunciators would play a vital role in immediate fault recognition, especially with this increasing automation at every stage in a process control system. Our Alarm Annunciators will provide the most cost-effective solution, no matter how simple or complex your alarm requirements are.

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