Engine Controller

Engine Controller for electronic and Mechanical engines, providing superior access to key vitals for the engines and ensures the safety and longevity of the engine is maintained.  Some offer reminders when service time is up and gives viable indications. These devices are responsible to control and protect marine engines and ensure its optimum performance.

SELCO USA, INC offers a premium range of Engine Controllers and monitoring units, especially for diesel or gas-driven generator sets. Our products are certified for marine use as they are designed to ensure reliable operation in the harsh maritime environments. Our heavy-duty Controllers feature engine start/stop unit, interface for PC based configuration, emergency shut-down units, sturdy steel casing with IP54 protection. These devices read engine speed from generator AC voltage and convert it to a square wave signal to provide on a dedicated output.

For decades, SELCO has a proven track record of delivering the highest-quality, unparalleled products in the most demanding environments. We provide customized solutions to meet your marine engine’s precise needs and requirements. You can trust us for reliable customer support – Feel free to reach us and we’ll get in the field to support you.

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