Marine Instrumentation

Marine Instruments are electronic devices that are used to measure a marine equipment performance including pressure and temperature monitoring and level transmitters. SELCO USA, INC offers a premium range of high-performance Marine Instrumentation, designed to use in the harsh environment. Our instruments provide real-time and accurate information and ensure all equipment is functioning at an optimal level.

SELCO’s best-in-class Marine Instrumentation are easy to set up, require minimum maintenance, and providing you peace of mind. They responded immediately when an issue arises and improves the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

Our courteous team will help you find the right product for your marine application and even provide tailored solutions specific to your needs. You can trust us for reliable customer support 24/7.

Here’s the complete listing of Instrumentation solutions we offer. Click the products for detailed specifications and information. You can choose from the available sizes, input voltage, and frequencies, keeping in mind your marine needs.

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