M3000 Analog Alarm Monitor, 24VDC, 24 Channel, RS485-Modbus

$ 3,329.00



Analogue Alarm Monitor

  • 24 inputs for use with both analog and digital signals
  • Each input accepts both current and voltage signals
  • 48 alarms with individual reference to any of the 24 inputs
  • Programmable 10 character LCD text for each alarm
  • Alarm delay programmable within the range of 300 msec. to 10 days
  • 24 LEDs with indication of new and acknowledged alarms
  • Each LED can be programmed to annunciate one or more alarms
  • 14 open collector outputs provide on/off control of external devices
  • Each of the 14 outputs can be assigned to one or more alarms
  • LCD provides real time input measurements
  • 16 key keyboard for on site reconfiguration and daily operation
  • PC based programming through RS232 link
  • RS485 interface for MODBUS communication
  • Standard MODBUS¬≠ RTU protocol
  • Certified by major marine classification societies
The SELCO M3000 is a compact 24 channel Analogue Alarm Annunciator. The M3000 is ideal for surveillance of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and any other kind of sensors providing a signal within the range of 0-20mA, 0-10VDC or 0-30VDC.
A linearly pre-scaling is done in order to convert the measured input voltage or current into the entity measured by the sensor (e.g. temperature or pressure). Once this conversion has taken place, all further references are made to the measured entity.
Alarm Blocking is an integral feature of this product and can be activated on separate inputs.  See post about Alarm Blocking.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in