C6200 FlexGen Generator Controller

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FlexGen Generator Controller

C6200 FlexGen Generator Controller including Protection, Control, Power Manager are intended for paralleling of generators with each other or with the utility. One FlexGen controller is installed for each generator in the installation and handles all electrical control, and includes basic functions such as automatic synchronizing, frequency control, active load sharing, dead bus monitoring and reverse power protection. In addition the C6200 FlexGen Generator Controller including Protection, Control, Power Manager contains reactive load sharing, voltage matching, power factor control, grid-parallel operation control, and protection against excitation loss, RoCoF (df/dt), and vector shift. C6200 FlexGen controller also contains over-current and short-circuit protection and power management features like preferential load trip, load depending start/stop and large consumer control. Both models include MODBUS RTU interface enabling integration with equipment from other manufacturers, for example, control and monitoring from PC with a graphic SCADA interface. C6200 FlexGen controller is type-approved by major marine classification societies and can be used for marine power management systems.
Protection Provided:
Control Provided:
Reverse Power protection
Automatic Synchronization
Excitation Loss Protection
Active Load Sharer
Over Voltage Protection
Frequency Stability
Under Voltage Protection
Voltage Matching
Over Frequency Protection
VAr (Reactive) Load Sharer
Under Frequency Protection
Voltage Stability
Over Load Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Vector Shift Protection
Rate of Change Frequency Protection

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in