ELU96N3 Phase Ground/Earth Fault Detector/Ground Fault Lights

$ 637.00

Phase Earth Fault Detector/Lights
ELU96N3 Brochure



Phase Ground/Earth Fault Detector

  • Phase Earth Fault Indicator

  • For systems up to 690VAC

The ELU96N3 is designed for use in conjunction with KPM161x, or as an individual Phase Ground Fault Lights.
Normally the three LED’s will be at full brilliance. When an earth fault is indicated on the KPM161x then the fault will be identified by a dim LED when the test button is operated.
The ELU96N3 can be used on systems up to 690V AC.
Use with KPM161E2, KPM161G, KPM161F, KPM161GF, KPM161M, KPM161GM, KPM161MF, KPM161GMF, KPM161FQ or stand alone.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in
Monitored Voltage

100-120VAC Monitored Supply, 200-240VAC Monitored Supply, 380-415VAC Monitored Supply, 440-480VAC Monitored Supply, 690VAC Monitored Voltage