T2200 Overcurrent Relay

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Overcurrent Relay
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Overcurrent Relay

  • Protection of generators against overcurrent
  • Visual indication of power, pick-up and relay tripping
  • High precision digital countdown timer for delayed output
  • Accepts high supply voltage variations: 60 – 110%
The SELCO T2200 has a broad application where all 3 phases or any single phase current detection will function for protection, control or monitoring. The relay detects the highest of the 3 input currents and, on exceeding the preset value, an output relay will be activated after a preset time delay.
Available in many versions, varying in supply voltage, measuring currents, and functions.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

T2200.0010 Overcurrent Relay. 400/450V 5A, T2200.0020 Overcurrent Relay. 400/450V 5A, T2200.0030 Overcurrent Relay. 230V 5A, T2200.0050 Overcurrent Relay. 230V 1A, T2200.0060 Overcurrent Relay. 400/450V 5A, delay 6 – 60 sec., T2200.0070 Overcurrent Relay. 100/110V 5A, T2200.0080 Overcurrent Relay. 415/480V 5A, T2200.0090 Overcurrent Relay. 24V DC 5A, T2200.0100 Overcurrent Relay. 400/450V 5A, T2200.0110 Overcurrent Relay. 400/450V 1A