AN14 – Medium Voltage up to 14kV AC Adapter

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Medium Voltage AC Adapter
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Medium Voltage AC Adapter

  • MV Adapter for AC Insulation Guards and Transducers
  • Up to 14000V Line Voltage live or non-live (standby)
  • Creates safety barrier from live HT network to LV switchboard
  • Limits measuring output signal to safe levels
  • No restrictions on distance between adapter and LV switchboard
Voltage Adapter AN14 is used for Insulation Guard KPM163x, KRM16x and KCM16x or Insulation Transducer MCM163x, when the monitored line voltage is higher than 500VAC.
The adapter is a passive low-pass filter for use in 50, 60 or 400Hz networks, and is potted in polyurethane.
The unit includes high inductance reactance modules, connected in a special configuration to avoid DC saturation. The Adapter maintains a high AC suppression of its signal output to very low, safe levels, under all conditions.
Alternative connections to the AC network are shown below. Connection to the star-point (Neutral) is preferable.
Voltage range: Up to 14000VAC
400 x 270 x 340mm

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in