CH163-1.4kV – Medium Voltage up to 1.4kV AC Adapter

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Medium Voltage AC Adapter
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Medium Voltage AC Adapter

  • MV Adapter for AC Insulation Guards and Transducers
  • Up to 1400V Line Voltage live or non-live (standby)
  • Creates safety barrier from live HT network to LV switchboard
  • Limits measuring output signal to safe levels
  • No restrictions on distance between adapter and LV switchboard
Voltage Adapter CH163-1,4 is used for Insulation Guard KPM163x, KRM16x and KCM16x or Insulation Transducer MCM163x, when the monitored line voltage is higher than 500VAC.
The adapter is a passive low-pass filter for use in 50, 60 or 400Hz networks, and is potted in polyurethane.
The unit includes high inductance reactance modules, connected in a special configuration to avoid DC saturation. The Adapter maintains a high AC suppression of its signal output to very low, safe levels, under all conditions.
Alternative connections to the AC network are shown below. Connection to the star-point (Neutral) is preferable.
Voltage range: Up to 1400VAC
DIN rail mounted 55 x 110 x 75mm

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in