M8100 Synchroscope

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Synchroscope with/without Check Synchronizing Relay

  • Same accuracy as pointer synchroscope
  • 38 illuminated points (LEDs)
  • Indication and bus and generator voltage
  • Fully insulated voltage inputs
  • Optional closure relay
  • 50 hour burn-in before test
  • Certified for marine use
M8100 Synchroscope with/without Check Synchronizing Relay.  Many Voltages available, and options with the Check Synchronizing Relay.  The M8100 Synchroscope provides illuminated indication of the frequency and phase deviation between voltages on two separate AC systems (e.g. a generator and a busbar). The M8100 will also indicate whether or not the two systems are live.
A moving light dot indicates the frequency deviation. The magnitude of the frequency deviation is indicated by the speed and direction of the movement.
Clockwise movement indicates that the frequency is too high on the incoming system. Counter clockwise movement indicates that the frequency is too low. A steady light dot at 6 o’clock position indicates zero frequency deviation and 180 degrees phase deviation. Exact synchronization. frequency and phase accordance is achieved when the light dot is steady at the 12 o’clock position (when the green LEDs ignite).
The M8100 scale is made up from 38 bright red LEDs. The resolution provided by the 38 LEDs is almost as fine as a pointer synchroscope, however the LED based design is far better at withstanding environmental influence from vibration, temperature and humidity.
Then the M8100 is fitted with a Check Synchronizing Relay, in addition to the normal synchroscope function, this unit contains a circuit for automatic closing of the generator circuit breaker.  On the rear side is a button for combined adjustment of limits for voltage difference, phase difference and frequency difference. These limits are related together to obtain max. operational performance.  This function also enables the check synchronizer relay to close the generator breaker to a dead busbar e.g. during a power failure. Condition for this function is that the unit has detected the generator to be within voltage limits and the busbar voltage below the busbar voltage offset level. All other parameters will be disregarded.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

M8100.0010 Synchroscope w/o Check Sync 400/450V, M8100.0020 Synchroscope w/o Check Sync 230V, M8100.0030 Synchroscope w/o Check Sync 415/480V, M8100.0040 Synchroscope w/o Check Sync 100/110V, M8100.0050 Synchroscope with Check Sync 400/450V, M8100.0060 Synchroscope with Check Sync 230V, M8100.0070 Synchroscope with Check Sync 415/480V, M8100.0080 Synchroscope with Check Sync 100/110V, M8100.0110 Synchroscope with Check Sync 120/127V, M8100.0140 Synchroscope w/o Check Sync 120/127V