T3200 Insulation Monitoring Relay

$ 1,222.00

Insulation Monitoring Relay
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Insulation Monitoring Relay

  • Price competitive due to combined functions
  • Visual indication of power, pick-up and relay tripping on both relays
  • High precision digital countdown timer for delayed output
  • Cost effective and highly reliable compact design
The SELCO T3200 is intended for continuous insulation monitoring on three phase insulated networks on board ships. The relay monitors continuously two systems galvanically separated from each other, e.g. the busbar and the lighting system, or two busbar systems.
The unit features two output relays for alarm purposes and two analogue outputs for instrument reading. The instrument is not included with the relay. Instruments are available from SELCO as standard sized switchboard component.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

T3200.0010 Insulation Monitoring Relay. 230V, T3200.0020 Insulation Monitoring Relay. 400/450V, T3200.0030 Insulation Monitoring Relay. 415/480V, T3200.0040 Insulation Monitoring Relay. 24V DC, T3200.0050 Insulation Monitoring Relay. 100/110V, T3200.0060 Insulation Monitoring Relay. 120/127V

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